Ultimate Sea Trout Tying Kit
Ultimate Sea Trout Tying Kit

Ultimate Sea Trout Tying Kit

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Looking to fill your boxes with hundreds of sea trout patterns? We built the Ultimate Sea Trout Fly Tying Kit to cover all your needs. 

You can tie the following patterns from the kit: Glimmer Rejen, Pattegrisen, Floating Shrimp, Kobbarbassen, Juleträdet, Räka, Frede, Magnus, Fyggi, Jig-Fly, Clouser Minnow, Deceiver, Macig Head Minnow, Haili & Drags Devil. 

The Ultimate Sea Trout Tying Kit contains:

Kamasan B840 #1/0 & #2, Mustad Wide Gap Ultrapoint, Mustad C52S, Partridge CS54 - Saltwater shrimp #4, Kamasan B170R. Total of 30 hooks.

FTS DYN thread -white, Ultra Thread 70 den, Ultra Thread 70 den, Uni-Yarn, UTC French Oval, Leadwire

Wapsi Bucktail pieces; Tan, Olive, Natural White, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, Fl. Yellow Marabou selected, Indian Cock Neck Cree & White, Neck Hackle Strung -Pink, Neck Hackle Strung -Barred Pink, Wapsi Rabbit Zonker; Fl. Yellow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink

Dubbing and body materials:
Ice Dubbing UV, Super Bright Ginger,  SLF Saltwater -Shell Pink, Flashabou Dubbing, Jumbo cactus chenile 30mm, Long Hair Baitfish Chenille DARK, Long Hair Baitfish Chenille SILVER, Polyprophylene Floating Yarn, Fly Foam

FTS Krystal Flash; Pearl Yellow/Chartreuse, metallic purple/green, metallics silver, FTS Pearl Flashabou hot orange

Eyes & legs:
Epoxy-Eyes -Black, Magic Head R13, Sili-Legs, Beadchain eye small, Beadchain eye big

Plus 2 x Sea Trout Fly box


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