Pikku Musta
Pikku Musta

Pikku Musta

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Pikku-Musta originated as a variation of Mikael Frödin’s micro tube flies. He just simply and generally calls itthe small black fly which in Finnish is Pikku-Musta. From early years on, both Red Butt and Green Butt had been Antti’s favourite flies and he wanted to simplify the patterns even more and tie them on a tube. As we all know, black flies work always and through the whole season.

Pikku-Musta has produced a large amount of fish and is one Antti’s most productive patterns. This pattern has worked everywhere from the tributaries of the Tana to the Kola Peninsula. The fly seems to attract fish of all sizes

Antti first used the pattern as a »smart bomb» after locating an active fish first with a large Sunray Shadow- type of fly fished fast. When the fish did not want to commit to the larger tube fly, Pikku-Musta fished slowly got the job done almost always. Later on Antti started swinging Pikku-Musta as the first fly for running fish, and it has worked well. The added weight coming from the small conehead makes the leader straighten well, so the fly will start to fish immediately after hitting the water.

Hook recommendation: Ahrex HR450


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