GULFF Nitro Night Skin Resin 15ml.


GULFF Nitro Night Skin Resin 15ml.

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NIGHT SKIN is a phosphorus streamer body builder which glows in the dark. It attracts predator fish makes you flies visible in the night time. The glowing color is light blue and without glowing effect the color is reyish. For night fishing only.

• Always 100% tack-free and crystal clear finishing

• High viscosity

• Cures in few seconds (6 seconds)

• Manufactured by using G2 high quality resin materials.

How to use: make thin layers and cure 6s. Wait for 5s. until you touch the fly. Point any bright light to resin surface at least 20 seconds to get a nice in the dark glowing effect


Design, create and pimp fantastic flies using a wide range of GULFF UV resin products. GULFF’s wide resin selection is unquestionably the best in quality, creativiness and guaranteed to be 100% tack-free.

Clear and colored Gulff resin products can be used for realistic flies, strike points, predator streamers, worms, dark details, fly body building and clear finishing – in fact almost anything.

GULFF Ambulance is a hot color resin for attention and strike point use. You can choose from 4 different fluorescence colors: Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Red and Hot Chartreuse Green. Make small spots and thin layers, cure 10-15 s. Use clear GULFF resins for coating if needed.

Classic for general nymph bonding and fly tying
Fatman builder for predator flies, fly body and head building
Natural nymph green for realistic flies
Natural nymph brown for realistic flies
Pink attack for rainbow trout flies, strike points and attractive bodies
Red Alert for worms and strike points
Black Magic for heads, bodies and backs
Shrimp for realistic shrimp flies
Glowing green for nymphs, heads, bodies and strike points
Ambulance Hot fl. Chartreuse for hot spots and strike points
Ambulance Hot fl. Red for hot spots and strike points
Ambulance Hot fl. Pink for hot spots and strike points
Ambulance Hot fl Orange for hot spots and strike points


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