Den Vanliga Fly Tying Kit

Den Vanliga Fly Tying Kit

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The Usual (or Den Vanliga) is without a doubt one of the most know flies from Sweden for Baltic Salmon. Great colors for peaty waters. Allrounder that works in all conditions. We've substituted polar bear and temple dog to bucktail and fox which seem to work just as well. Gliss'n'glow MOP Gold flash is just perfect for sunny days. 

Tying Kit Includes:

  • Bucktail Medium Yellow
  • Silvergrey Premium Arctic Fox Yellow & Mörrum Brown
  • Fox Hair Fire Orange
  • Whiting American Rooster Saddle - Changed to Whiting Rooster Soft Hackle Grizzly Dr Blue
  • Gliss'n'glow Mop Rainbow & Mop Gold
  • Veevus French Tinsel Medium Gold
  • Brass tubes 13mm & 16mm (total of 20 tubes)


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