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The all natural product is made from the Vitellaria tree and leaves the scrotum area silky smooth after application. It's meant for testicles and promises a swift fix for sweating, itchy and bad smelling testicles. The product is also suitable for use after shaving the testicle area to reduce irritation.

Ultimate cream for reviving those crumply nuts after wading in cold water. We haven't tested it but it might even help if you add some before entering any cold water system. 

Made in Finland! Vegan! All Natural! 


Ball Wax is a Finnish innovation, which is developed to enhance Men’s health on his intimate area. Ball Wax is an all-natural, hypoallergenic product.

Vitellaria tree, which Ball Wax is made of, is researched to be very low-allergenic, so it suits almost everyone. That’s why we can recommend this even for infants with diaper rash! 

If you have to sit a lot, for work or at the movies, and you use tight clothing, your balls may sweat a lot during the day. Rub Balls Wax once a day to enjoy fresh balls all day long!

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