August Fly Selection I

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August is an interesting time for a salmon angler. The conditions may vary a lot. Usually the rivers have gathered resident fish and most locations have runs of fresh fish. 

August Fly Selection I is designed especially for smaller rivers and single handed fly rods. You will be able to cover most situations and tricky fish. Therefore we have a special set of hitches and dries, small doubled and trebles, and few weighted flies for upstream casting. We've even included few packs of quality Ahrex hooks in the set. 

These fly set will cover your need especially in Finnmark, Iceland, Kola Peninsula and UK & Ireland. 

The Fly Selection included total of 20 flies and 3 packs of Ahrex hooks! (singles, doubles and trebles)

Searching patterns:

Sunray Shadow 1" and 2"

Green Fetish size 6

Regular swing patterns:

Pikku Musta Chartreuse conehead

Pikku Musta Fl. Orange tungsten conehead

Green Butt size 10

Night Hawk size 10 & 12

Hitch Flies:

Silver Wilkinson Hitch 1/2"

Munro Killer Hitch 1/2" x 2

Blue Charm Hitch 3/4"

Dry Flies:

Blue White Tail Bomber size 2 x 2

Light Olive White Tail Bomber size 6

Weighted Flies:

Rubberleg Frances 

Olive Frances

Red Francis Tungsten Conehead small & medium


Ahrex Tube Single size 6

Ahrex Tube Double size 4

Ahrex Tube Treble size 10



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