ake fly fishing t-shirt
AKE T-shirt grey

AKE T-shirt grey

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AKE t-shirt represents the ultimate fly-fishing lifestyle. If you like to swing a fly for salmon, this is the t-shirt for you. No matter if you wear it during fishing or pair it with your favourite Hawaii-shorts, you'll do just great!

AKE is a classical double hook fly pattern born ja mostly used in the famous Tana river. Some say it resembles a stonefly. Some just catch hell of a lot salmon with it. 

AKE T-shirt

Manufacturer: Pure Waste
Color: Gret
Material: 60% Recycled Cotton / 40% Recycled Polyester
Fit: Regular

Available sizes S-XXL.

Pure Waste tee’s are made 100% out of recycled pre-consumer jersey waste clips, they are not only undyed but also durable and super comfortable. 2700 litres of fresh, clean water is saved manufacturing this sweater, compared to regular sweaters.

Sizing information. 175-180cm regular built guy or girl fits nicely in size M. If you're smaller go with S. If you're larger or have big bones, choose something from L to XXL.

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