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Ake is a variation of the Finnish Sarvijaakko fly. As a die-hard Sarvijaakko user Antti saw the potential of this fly immediately. He tied a couple and it was an instant hit for Antti in the Tana. Since then this fly has been in Antti’s box where ever he fishes for salmon. It’s proved its effectiveness especially on the clear rivers of Finnmark.

Like most salmon flies Ake can be fished in a variety of ways. On the swing, stripped fast and slow, down- or upstream and even dead drifted like a nymph. But most of the time Antti uses the traditional swing technique, casting it in 45 degree angle. Whether to mend up- or downstream depends on the conditions and the mood of the fish and fisherman. Stripping these double hook flies has become more and more popular over the years and works very well from time to time. Especially when the water has warmed a bit and towards the end of the season.


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