Spey Brothers apparel
Fish friendly products
börselva silfar canyon clean water
Fly fishing apparel designed for hardcore anglers,
with fish in mind.
Our apparel line saves clean water.
pure waste manufacturing process
100 % recycled
Our manufacturing partner Pure Waste uses only recycled cotton.
They save thousands of litres of water on each t-shirt, 
sweater or hoodie.
pure waste speybrothers sweater
High quality and comfort
Spey Brothers fly fishing apparel line is high quality and comfort.
You can wear them at the river or at work and you'll feel
warm, fishy and comfortable. 
speybrothers ake fly fishing t-shirt
Fishy designs
We work with designers that are hardcore fly anglers. Our first collection was designed by talented Rob Benigno from Lakes Rivers Streams.
speybrothers fly fishing hoodie
Scandinavian heritage
We take pride in being Scandinavian. We know what the cold and dark winters feel like. We know how to enjoy the endless summer. We respect our amazing nature in North.

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