Our Story

Our Perspective

Spey Brothers was founded to create something unique for likeminded anglers. We are Salmon Fishers at heart but we love to swing flies for Atlantic Salmon, Baltic Salmon, Brown Trout and Steelhead.

We believe in family and that the fly fishing community is one of the greatest fraternities sharing in a love for the outdoors. We believe that the journeys our waters take us on, have the power to bring people together and shape our lives. And we want to be there with you sharing the great moments on the water.

Our Story So Far

Where It All Started

Finland, 2017. An idea for a book about Salmon Flies showcased by great Salmon Anglers around the world, gives birth to a new fly fishing brand with a philosophy for sustainability and community spirit, a spey brotherhood.

Values & Sustainability

Our core values are sustainability, respecting the nature and always providing exceptional products and service for our customers. Our goal is to partner up with the most talented and experienced people in the industry. We take pride in choosing the right partners and bringing high quality products and content to the market.

We believe in making the world a better place. Our mission is to find manufacturers and ways to work with an ecological perspective when ever this is possible. For example we use recycled materials in our apparel and shipping boxes.

We pledge to take part in conservation projects which have an significant impact on endangered fisheries. We also believe that the brighter future comes with the new generations of fly-fishers. We want to bring young people to the sport.

Join the brotherhood, be a Spey Brother. Or a Spey Sister.

The Future Of Spey Brothers

The Next Chapter

As our community grows, Spey Brothers grows with it. In the near future we will be regularly releasing new products for the avid anadromous angler and we hope to involve our family in these developments as much as possible.


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