Scot De Bruyn

Scot De Bruyn

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Hi Guys and Gals,


I’m Scot De Bruyn. Born and bred in Durban, South Africa.

I have been an international guide for 16 years. From Seychelles to Norway and SA to Oman, I  have been lucky to see so many great destinations in the past few years. In recent years I have been guiding every summer in Norway for the latter part of my guiding career, and for 7 seasons i have been fortunate to call the Årøy River my home.

I started guiding in Oman 2005 and then moved to the Seychelles in 2008/09, and have spent most of my time in the tropics. It has been almost 12 years of getting sunburnt and losing big Gt’s which is my first love in fly fishing, but for some strange reason i decided to come to Norway in 2013 and guide for the worlds most difficult fish to understand. Atlantic Salmon are an anomaly in the fly fishing world, they are so wonderfully different as when they enter their rivers of birth, they do not eat flies in the conventional sense, but take them due to our persistent efforts and ideas.

scot de bruin atlantic salmon

In my short time as a salmon angler I have fished only a few different rivers around Norway. The Alta, Lærdal and my home River. The Årøy is steeped in history and shrouded in crazy stories of big Fish. Im so honoured to be able to test my knowledge and skills guiding and fishing this amazing, short and scary piece of water.

atlantic salmon

I have this place to thank for my reputation, and I would not be apart of this epic team if it were not for this river and the people i have met along the way.

I am humbled and proud to represent Spey Brothers and I will continue to keep up my lust for Salmon fishing and hope to grow the sport and support a great Brand.



Scot de Bruyn


atlantic salmon