Paul Amundsen

Paul Amundsen

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My name is Paul Amundsen, first and foremost a flyfisherman, but sometimes you can also find me at the office working as chiropractor. Office hours are however subject to change during fishing season.

I grew up on the westcoast of Norway, mainly fishing small and middle sized rivers for salmon and seatrout with a single hander. Nowadays I live up north with river Målselva as my closest neighbor. At the moment big rivers, fishing with a double handed rod and heavy sinking lines, are my main interest. That being a natural consequence of having Målselva as my home river. I have also for the past 15 years fished in Trøndelag in June, and currently river Namsen and Sanddøla are our waters. I do however also still like the “lighter” side of salmonfishing, and have over the years fished all over Finnmark County. Not much can beat the riffling hitch fished in a small eastcoast Finnmark River! 

My approach to salmon fishing is somewhat OCD-like, with great interest (too much some will say!) in the small details. I keep an extensive fishing journal that has now been with me for exactly 30 years. In a normal season I fish somewhere between 30 and 50 days for atlantic salmon, with the additional bonus trips for browntrout and seatrout before and after salmon fishing season. I always strive to find some consensus to my fishing, although the older and wiser I get I find less and less universal “rules” to be applicable. Sorry to say that really..

I have also a particular interest in flytying. At the moment scandistyle and monkeystyle flies, mainly tied on tubes, are my hiccup. I am a slow tyer, spending lots of time getting my flies just the way I want them, dressing and profilewise. 

If any of you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me! I keep very few secrets.. Wish you all a great season, and do the Spey (brothers)!

Regards, Paul