Miika Viitasalo

Miika Viitasalo

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My name is Miika and I’m at young tender age of 30. After few years of living in southern part of Finland my work and career brought me back to my original home town. I’m currently stationed at Central Ostrobothnia.

I got my first bite from salmon fishing when I was a kid. I’ve spent weeks in a river boat when my father and his brothers used to row wobblers and flies on Torne and Tana rivers. Years and years after I got myself hooked on a fly fishing. It started carefully with a one-handed rod. The addiction grew worse and I found myself swinging two-handed cannons for the Baltic Salmon. What comes to my salmon fishing tactics, I like to go down deep ‘n dirty with a fifteen-footer, sink 5 is just a riffling hitch.

I try to spend time as much as I can on salmon rivers during the summers but due to the nature of work I do, quite of long distances to the salmon rivers and marital obligations are the reasons it’s not always possible. Before and after salmon fishing season you’ll probably find me at local archipelago chasing for sea run brownies.   I’m also a member of a We X Waters crew so make sure to check out more stories and photos from our adventures on Instagram @wexwaters

With best regards, Miika