Jussi Jurvelin

Jussi Jurvelin

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Dear fellow addicts!

I`m Jussi Jurvelin and currently living in Helsinki, but mainly spend my summers at my home town Oulu which is located closer to the Salmon rivers. I`m now 35 and started flyfishing at tender age of 12, of course Grayling and trouts were the first obsession. My first Salmon trip took place 3 years later, destination Neidenelva in Norway. I hooked small Salmon with a dry fly in 15 minutes and thought that this is easy:) Luckily years to come prove the game to be completely something else, you are never a complete salmon fisherman. That might be the main reason to carry on year after year.

I mainly fish rivers in Sweden and Norway, but I like to go bit further when ever there`s a possibility. Scottish, Canadian and Russian rivers are still on my bucket list. I also have to mention smaller Salmon rivers in Finnmark to be my most preferred kind of fishing, but certain kind of brutality in Baltic salmon fishing have got my attention past years. I also highly value river Seatrout fishing. Scouting new rivers have always been close to my heart and like the challenge that it creates, everything starts again form the scrap. Last but not least for me the social aspect is maybe the half of the sport, especially when you surviving trough long and dark winter time.