Elias Petur

Elias Petur

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When I turned 7 years of age my parents gave me a fly rod for a birthday present and since that day there has been no return - I quickly became both obsessed and fascinated by this form of fishing.

Over the next few years I devoted a lot of time practicing my casting, if not by a river or a lake then out in my garden. At the age of 14 I started working in a fly fishing shop here in Reykjavik, Iceland. During my time at the store I learned a great deal about the different brands and types of gear, and acquired as much technical knowledge of all fly fishing equipment, innovation and technique as I could.

As soon as I got my driver’s license I wanted to move my focus from the technical aspects of fly fishing towards the practical application, and so made the decision to begin working as a fishing guide. I have worked as a professional fly fishing guide in some of Icelands best salmon rivers, such as the Midfjardara, Vididalsa and Vatnsdalsa. 

Today I spend almost all my free time during the summer months fly fishing and marketing rivers, gear and other fly fishing related stuff. You can find me chasing Atlantic salmon, sea trout, Arctic char and resident brown trout in some of Iceland’s most pristine rivers and lakes.

In the winter time I focus on fly tying, writing articles and working on conservation projects for the Icelandic freshwater species. I am currently working with NASF (the North Atlantic Salmon Fund) to protect wild salmon in the North Atlantic Basin by purchasing salmon fishing quotas as well as fighting against power plants and large-scale aquaculture in open net pens.

I’m not like most of my friends, I don’t waste my summer chasing after girls...oh no. I chase fish, look under rocks for nymphs and try my absolute best to make that damn fish take my fly. In my opinion that is what life is all about, those magic moments you have by a river or a lake that you will forever cherish.