Tying the Ghosty Gunn tube fly

Tying the Ghosty Gunn tube fly

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A silvery contrast variant on the classic Willie Gunn colours, swap out the black and gold for silver and grey and you've got the Ghosty Gunn. This fly may surprise you when chasing sea run browns, coastal browns or even Salmon! If Ally's shrimp was design to imitate coastal shrimps then this guy is the King Prawn!

Check out the step by step video here - Ghosty Gunn Tying Video

Step 1
Connect a clear 1.8mm plastic liner tube to a clear 3mm plastic outer tube with angled cut at the front, I am using a gel spun thread for this fly.

Step 2
Tie in a piece of holographic opal pearl flatbraid, making tight overlapping turns to the front of the outer tubing.

Step 3
Add some pearl flash dubbing in the shape of a ball twice the diameter of the tubing, finishing with the thread in front of the dubbing, then brush out backwards on all sides.

Step 4
Tie in an underwing of opossum pelt dyed yellow with dip dyed hot orange tips, first tie in with the tips forward then fold back and tie in again.

Step 5
Add several strands of opal pearl angel hair tied first in the middle then folded back and tied in again.

Step 6
Add a second smaller ball of dubbing on top of and in front of the underwing, it should be should not go too far forward on the tube but it will look fatter because of the underwing, this will help push our next materials out away from the tube and hook. Brush out backwards again.

Step 7
Tie in a large white Schlappen hackle double back the fibres and tight to the dubbing ball.

Step 8
Tie in a long overwing of natural silver fox, first with the tips forward and then folded back tying in again.

Step 9
Split the wing in half by folding half the wing forward and tying down with the thread, then add a couple of long strands of opal pearl angel hair, tied in the middle, then folded back and tied down again. Finally fold back the halved over wing and tie down once more.

Step 10
Add some jungle cock cheeks, I like them to go to the length of the flatbraid. Fold back the stems and tie in again for extra security.

Step 11
Add a silver cone head onto the tube ready to secure quickly, then add a drop of super glue on the tubing in-front of the tied in materials.

Step 12
Without waiting too long, push back the silver cone of the super glue and all the way tight to the tied in materials, this will make sure that everything is extra secure.

Step 13
To finish the fly cut the tubing 2-4mm from the cone and then melt down with a lighter or flame. To smooth the finish and make the cone even more secure, while the tubing is still hot push it down hard onto a flat surface. This may close the hole on the tubing, but not to worry just open up the hole again pushing a needle through the head.

Final Fly
Just add water!