Tying a Viscount Frances - Tube Fly

Tying a Viscount Frances - Tube Fly

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A smaller take on a plug frances, the Viscount Frances is a dark olive like take showing some mint chocolate colours as many brits know and love the colours of a Viscount biscuits and a handy snack on the water. Also acceptable would be the "Elizabeth Shaw Frances", "After Eight Frances", "Benedicks Frances" or just the classic "Mint Frances" ;-)

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00:15 1.8mm Plastic Tube - Green

00:35 200++ Tying Thread - Black

00:53 N.American Opossum Pelt - Pahtagorva

03:06 Stripped Rooster Saddle - Black

05:11 Easy Dubbing - Peacock

06:14 4mm Tungsten Bead - Metallic Brown


Future Fly Tube Fly Tying Vise

Future Fly Tube Needle - Small

Future Fly Standard Bobbin

Future Fly Lightweight Scissors

Future Fly Multi Needle

Future Fly Hackle Tool

Step By Step

Step 1 melt a small collar at the end of you plastic tubing flatten with a flat object then add the vice needle and start the fly with a few wraps of your thread up to the burred edge.
 Viscount Frances Step By StepViscount Frances Step By Step

Step 2 tie some opossum pelt in pahtagorva / fiery brown, make sure to wrap all the way around the tube and tie in with tight turns, add some glue and spread around the thread on the tube to secure, then cut away the waste hair in front of the head

Viscount Frances Step By StepViscount Frances Step By StepViscount Frances Step By StepViscount Frances Step By Step

Step 3 strip 4 cock hackles of all their fibres and trim to length, the stems may be 2 - 3 times as long as the tail hair, make sure to cut them at a length where they retain a good springy vibration, they should not be too stiff or too floppy. Trim nice and neat ready for dubbing.

Viscount Frances Step By Step

Step 5 with some easy dubbing in peacock build up a fat dubbing ball tie hide the head, it should taper down to the tubing slightly. make sure to wrap down tightly keep adding dubbing into their is a fat dense ball.

Viscount Frances Step By Step

Step 6 add a 4mm tungsten bead in metallic dark brown to the tube with a small drop of super glue in front of the dubbing, then push the bead back hard into the dubbing ball, a hackle tool really helps push tight back into the ball, allow the glue to set before releasing the pressure.

Viscount Frances Step By StepViscount Frances Step By Step

Step 7 trim away the tubing with 2-3mm left to the bead, then melt down with your lighter, for extra security when the tube is still hot press down hard with a flat surface, these slims down the tubing and compresses everything back into the bead, it will make the fly a lot stronger. Sometimes the hole will close because of this but it is thin enough to open with a sharp dubbing needle or the needle on your vice, just make sure to push it through as far as possible to open it right up. 

Viscount Frances Step By Step

Just add water!

Viscount Frances Step By Step