Tying a Podolsky Tube Fly

Tying a Podolsky Tube Fly

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Steffen Juhl's Podolsky adapted into a tube fly. This is just a great pattern no questions asked. Put it on, hook a fish and hold on tight. In August 2013, in the same year Nick Steffens friend was killed, Steffen Juhl came up with the Podolsky Fly, as an honour to a long friendship and a great person – Steffens humble hope was that Nick would like the fly himself.

For six weeks, Steffen was only fishing with The Podolsky fly and the fly proved its worth, with 45 salmon in total. The biggest salmon caught with The Podolsky fly that fall season were 3 x 15Lb. 2 x 17Lb. 1 x 18Lb. 3 x 20Lb. 1 x 22 Lb and 1 x 25Lb.

Watch the full length tying video here

Get the Podolsky hooked fly here

Get the tube fly tying kit here

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Materials by Future Fly available here in store at speybros.com


1.8mm plastic tube - black

3.0mm plastic tube - clear

GSP tying thread 50D - 12/0

Signature dubbing - GGB blue

Future fibre - blue

Marble fox tail - king fisher blue
https://speybros.com/products/marble-fox?variant=39247596519513 03:58

Classic tinsel - holo silver

Signature dubbing - silver grey

Shadow fox pelt - black

Rooster saddle - black

Rooster saddle - sunburst

6mm or 4mm hybrid cone - silver



Future Fly tube fly vise

Future Fly tube vide needle - medium

Future Fly lightweight scissors

Future Fly Standard bobbin

Future Fly hackle tool

Future Fly multi needle

Step by step

Step 1 melt a small collar at the end of the liner tube then slide inside the outer tubing and add to the tying vice, wrapping your thread all the way to the end of the body where the hook junction starts.

Podolsky Step By StepPodolsky Step By Step

Step 2 Make a small dubbing ball with blue signature dubbing to kick up the back tail.

Podolsky Step By Step

Step 3 make a small tail out of blue future fibre tying forwards and wrapping all the way up the body, then folding back and tying all the way back along the body, this stops the synthetic materials from slipping. Use your scissors to taper the wing from underneath and the sides.

Podolsky Step By Step

Step 4 Next tie in a fatter tail with blue marble fox tail, the dubbing ball and the future fibre should kick the whole wing up away from the hook area. Then tie in some pearl krinkle flash on either side, folding back for long and short lengths.

Podolsky Step By StepPodolsky Step By Step

Step 5 With silver signature dubbing build a nice unform body all the way up the outer tubing.

Podolsky Step By Step

Step 6 With some black shadow fox pelt tie in a shorter front wing, you can go wide or slim, we've chosen slim to match the tail wing. Trim away the waste nice and clean with a scalpel and neaten up the head with your thread.

Podolsky Step By StepPodolsky Step By StepPodolsky Step By Step

Step 7 Next tie in a black cock hackle making several turns to the length of the body, then tie in a sunburst cock hackle making slightly less turns but a little longer than the dubbed body, for a nice taper.

Podolsky Step By StepPodolsky Step By Step

Step 8 Add a drop of super glue to the head of the fly then slide on a 6mm hybrid cone in silver, use a hackle tool or something similar to compress the cone right back into the fly.

Podolsky Step By Step

Step 9 Trim away the liner tube to 2-3mm from the cone then melt down with a lighter, use a flat surface to press down the tube tight to the cone to finish.

Podolsky Step By StepPodolsky Step By Step