Tying a Gunnray Shadow (Sunray + Willie Gunn)

Tying a Gunnray Shadow (Sunray + Willie Gunn)

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Is it a Raygunn or is it a Gunnray Shadow? What ever it is, it's a Sunray Shadow Willie Gunn love child and it's got a place in our box. Arguably 2 of the top Atlantic and Baltic Salmon patterns out there.

Step by step tying article below.

Tying Video:

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Materials from Future Fly available in our store:
00:15  3.0mm Plastic Tube Black
00:24  1.8mm Plastic Tube Black
00:32  GSP Tying Thread 12/0 - 50D White
00:44  N.American Opossum Hot Yellow / Hot Orange (B)

00:44  (Alternative black tips) N.American Opossum Hot Yellow / Hot Orange
01:36  Supreme Goat Black
02:43  FF Floss Fl.Red

FF Tubefly Vise
FF Tubevise Needle Medium
FF Standard Bobbin
FF lightweight scissors
FF Multi Needle

Step By Step:

Step 1:
 Start by cutting a 3mm plastic tube in black at an angle then slide in a 1.8mm plastic tube in black and add to your tube vise needle.

Step 2: Bind the the tube together at the angled cut in the tube, make sure the thread wraps only cover this angled cut and wrap tightly.

Step 3:
Next take some North American Opossum pelt dip dyed hot yellow and hot orange tips and tie in making sure the thread only covers the angled cut in the tubing, trim away the waste.

Step 4:
Repeat the process with a slim overwing using supreme goat in black make sure that the thread wraps are even and smooth along the area of the cut plastic tubing. Finish off with super glue and press hard into the thread and tied in section of the wings.

Step 5:
Next add a hot head using Floss in Fl.Red, wrap smooth and completely cover the tying thread from underneath. Complete the section with another round of super glue again pressing hard into the floss and the tied in wing section.

Step 6:
Finally remove the fly from the vise and make a clean straight cut through the head at your desired length. I like to complete this with another round of super glue pressed in hard and then a coat of clear varnish, you can do 2 or 3 coats of varnish for extra strength.

Just Add water