Tying a Green Butt - Tube Fly

Tying a Green Butt - Tube Fly

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We are tying an absolute classic the Green Butt, this one is a soft hair winged tube version using Future Fly's excellent Mach II flatbraid to create a nice bright green butt. Excellent fly and one of our absolute favourites.

Watch the full length tying video here

Get the tying kit here

Materials and tools by Future Fly available here in store at speybros.com


1.8mm plastic tube - clear

3.0mm plastic tube - clear

GSP tying thread - 12/0 - 50D

Mach II flatbraid - fl.green holo

French oval tinsel medium - silver

Mach II flatbraid - metallic black

American hen saddle - black

Shadow fox pelt - black

4mm hybrid cone - silver


Future Fly tube fly vise

Future Fly tube needle medium

Future Fly Standard bobbin

Future Fly lightweight scissors

Future Fly multi needle

Future Fly hackle tool

Step By Step


Step 1 Melt a small collar at the end of the liner tubing so that it can grip inside the outer tubing. Place the connected tube together on the vice and start tying with your thread in front of the outer tube before working up onto the outer tube and back to the starting point of the fly the green butt
 Green Butt Tube SBSGreen Butt Tube SBS

Step 2 Tie in some Mach II fl.green flat braid and make overlapping turns to build up a a fat bright butt

Green Butt Tube SBS

Step 3 Next starting from the front of the out tube tie in some medium silver oval french tinsel then some mach II black flatbraid over the top. Then wrap the flatbraid up to the front of the outer tubing with overlapping turns. Take the oval tinsel and make 3-4 ribbing turns up the body of the fly and tie off in front of the outer tube.

Green Butt Tube SBS

Step 4 Tie in a soft black hen hackle with hackle stems as long as the body materials, 3-4 turns, make sure to wrap as tight to the outer tubing as possible. 

Green Butt Tube SBS

Step 5 Shape a single wing with shadow fox pelt or tanuki in black, the wing should be nicely tapered, you can cut the waste away before tying in. The trim away as close to the thread as possible for neat head to place the cone on top of.

Green Butt Tube SBSGreen Butt Tube SBS

Step 6 add a drop of super glue to the tube by the head of the fly then slide on a 4mm hybrid cone in silver. Using a hackle tool to push the cone in really helps get a tight fit and stop the glue getting on your hands and soft materials. 

Green Butt Tube SBSGreen Butt Tube SBS

Step 7 Finally trim away the liner tube to about 2-3mm from the cone and melt down with a lighter. Whilst still hot you can press the melted tube down to the cone for a thin clean and more secure finish. 

Green Butt Tube SBSGreen Butt Tube SBS

Just add water!