Tying a Elsa - Tube Fly

Tying a Elsa - Tube Fly

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Elsa is a pattern originally designed to blend the colours and look of a Blue Charm and a Black Sheep salmon flies, first fished in Jockfall on the Kalix river Sweden which resulted in a 30lb+ fish snatching the fly and taking it for long swim back to the Baltic Sea.

The fly has been in the box ever since and always comes out for high water when clearing in bright sunlight.

Watch the full length tying video here

Get the tying kit for this fly here

Materials and tools by Future Fly available here

1.8mm plastic tube - clear

3.0mm plastic tube - fl.blue

10mm tungsten balance tube

Gel Spun thread - 12/0 - 50D - white

Mach II flatbraid - fl.yellow holo

Signature dubbing - ice ice ice

Shadow fox pelt - white

Signature angel hair - ice ice ice

Rooster cape - golden yellow

Shadow fox pelt - yellow
https://speybros.com/products/shadow-fox?variant=39247598452825 05:58

Signature angel hair - ice ice ice

American Saddle - king fisher blue

Marble fox tail - black

Signature angel hair - midnight star

Jungle Cock (or artificial jungle cock - small / medium)

4mm Tungsten UFO disc - metallic red

Step By Step

Step 1
melt a small collar at the end of the liner tube to grip inside the outer tube. add the connected tubes to the vise. Add a drop of super glue to the plastic liner tube and slide on a tungsten balance tube allowing the glue to absorb inside the tube and secure to the plastic outer tubing. Finally secure the tubes together with tying thread with a criss cross x pattern until the thread wraps over the connected tubing.

Elsa Step by StepElsa Step by Step
Elsa Step by Step

Step 2
tie in some fl. yellow mach 2 flat braid, then cover the body with pearl dubbing fairly fat, but leaving a few millimetres of the metal tube. Next twist the fl. yellow flat braid and wrap up the body to make a strong rib and tie off on the bare metal tube. Brush out the dubbing then brush back over the tube body. 

Elsa Step by Step
Elsa Step by StepElsa Step by Step

Step 3
tie in a short wing of white shadow fox pelt, cut to length first then tie down with tips of the hair facing forward and then fold back and tie down again. Complete the underwing with some pearl angel hair, tied in the middle first then folded back and tied down again.

Elsa Step by StepElsa Step by Step

Step 4
Tie in a yellow hackle with stems about as long as the dubbed body and make 2-3 turns. Then add a yellow fox wing slightly longer and slimmer than the white wing, same technique cutting to length, tying tips forward then folding back and tying down again. Complete the mid wing with a couple strands of pearl angel hair tied in the middle and folded back.

Elsa Step by StepElsa Step by StepElsa Step by Step

Step 5
tie in a blue grizzly hen hackle and make 2-3 turns, fibres can either be the same length or shorter.

Elsa Step by Step

Step 6
Tie in a long slim fox wing in black, split the wing in the middle and tie in a couple strands of midnight star angel hair, tied in the middle and folded back, complete the overwing by folding back the split wing and tying down again.

Elsa Step by StepElsa Step by StepElsa Step by Step

Step 7 Tie in some jungle cock cheeks, this is a big pattern so medium sized feathers tied long look best, measured to about the same length of the fly body. Add some superglue to the liner tube, then slide on a metallic red 4mm ufo disc. 

Elsa Step by StepElsa Step by StepElsa Step by Step

Step 8 cut off the plastic tubing 3-4mm from the disc the melt down the plastic with a lighter and press down with something flat to secure the tube to the cone. 

Elsa Step by Step
Elsa Step by Step

Just add water

Elsa Step by Step