Tying a Den Vanliga Mjörk (The Usual Dark) Tube Fly

Tying a Den Vanliga Mjörk (The Usual Dark) Tube Fly

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By now Den Vanliga or The Usual is a well know and much loved pattern but the dark side brother Den Vanliga Mjörk "The Usual Dark" is a huge favourite in the north of Sweden. Not too dissimilar from a TD style Willie Gunn what sets them apart is the omission of Jungle Cock cheeks and a single black hackle.

The original uses polar bear underwing with TD overwing but we like it just as much with some classic bucktail blending and marble fox tail overwing. The original also uses pheasant but the largest rooster hackles are equally as good.

Watch the full length tying video here

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https://speybros.com/products/den-vanliga-mjork-tying-kit Materials and tools by

Materials and tools by Future Fly available here in store at speybros.com


1.8mm plastic tube - black

13mm us tube brass - black

200++ tying thread - black

oval french tinsel medium - gold

bucktail - yellow & orange

signature angel hair - mørrum copper

rooster cape - black

marble fox tail - black

star flash - copper

4mm hybrid cone - copper


FF tube fly vise

FF tube fly vise needle medium

FF lightweight scissors

Future Fly Standard bobbin
https://speybros.com/products/ff-standard-bobbin FF multi needle
https://speybros.com/products/ff-multi-needle FF hackle tool

Step by step

Step 1 melt a large collar at the end of the liner tube and use a flat surface to spread the tubing out as large as the metal US tube so it's nice and neat. 

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By StepDen Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 2 To keep the metal tube right back to the collar tie in front of the metal tube with your thread then work the thread up on to the us tube to start tying in materials. 

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 3 Tie in some medium oval french tinsel in gold right to the back of the metal tube, then make tight touching turn wraps of the tinsel half way up the metal tube body.

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 4 Blend some yellow and orange bucktail fibres and tie in half way between the tinsel and the end of the metal tube, it will probably be about 1/4 of the way back on the metal tube, trim away the waste with a scalpel at the end of the metal tube.

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 5 With some gold or copper signature dubbing cover the body behind the wing and win front making the dubbing a bit fatter in front of the wing, then brush out back over the body of the fly.

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By StepDen Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 6 Next tie in a large black cock hackle and make plenty of turns until it looks right, then length of the hackle should be past the body.

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 7 Tie in a wing of black marble fox tail, with the tips facing forward, then split the wing and fold the first half back tying down again.

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 8 Next take a strand of gold krinkle flash and tie down half way then fold back and tie down again, it should be no longer than the total wing length.

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 9 Fold back the other half of the wing and tie down again as neat as possible with the head.

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 10 Add a small drop of super glue to the liner tube in front of the head then add a 4mm hybrid cone in gold or copper pushing the cone back with a hackle tool or something similar to really compress it back into the fly and make a nice neat head.

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step

Step 11 Finally cut away the liner tube 2-3mm from the cone and melt down with a lighter, whilst still hot press down the tubing to the cone to make it super neat and extra strong. Use a dubbing needle or push back onto the vice needle head first, to reopen the hole if needed.

Den Vanliga Mjörk Step By StepDen Vanliga Mjörk Step By Step