Tying a CB Willie Gunn - Tube Fly

Tying a CB Willie Gunn - Tube Fly

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Simply deadly, the original Willie Gunn is still a Salmon seductor with every season that passes. The gold body Willie Gunn is arguably the favourite but we really love this copper body willie gunn variant. With or without flash, it's one of the best in the box.

Watch the full length tying video here

Get the tying kit here

Materials and tools by Future Fly available here in store at speybros.com


1.8mm plastic tube - clear

3.0mm plastic tube - clear

10mm tungsten balance tube - any colour

200++ tying thread - red

Mach II flatbraid - copper

Bucktail - black, orange & yellow

https://speybros.com/products/bucktail-medium-black https://speybros.com/products/bucktail-medium-yellow https://speybros.com/products/bucktail-medium-fl-orange


Future Fly tube fly vise

Future Fly tube fly needle - medium

Future Fly lightweight scissors

Future Fly Standard bobbin

Future Fly hackle tool

Future Fly multi needle

Step by step

Step 1 melt a a small collar at the end of the liner tube, then push inside the outer tube so they grip together, then add to the tying vise.

CB Willie Gunn Step Step By StepCB Willie Gunn Step Step By Step

Step 2 add a drop of super glue to the liner tube, then add the metal US tube to the liner, push and pull the metal tube over the glue so it can absorb the glue inside, then push the metal tube right up to the plastic outer tubing. Then with your tying thread make a few turns to the plastic tubing then in an x pattern tie between the metal and plastic parts until you can wrap your thread over both without them separating, during this time and while the fly is being tied the super glue will set and become completely secure.

CB Willie Gunn Step Step By StepCB Willie Gunn Step Step By Step

Step 3 Tie in some Mach II flatbraid in copper and wrap all the way from the hook junction to the front of the metal tubing, making a 2-3mm thread bed for the materials to tie in.

CB Willie Gunn Step Step By Step

Step 4 Mix together some black, orange and yellow bucktail fibres, the mix should be 50% yellow 30% orange and 20% black. Tie in the fibres evenly all around the tube, you can choose how much the materials flare by how hard you make the thread wraps, We have gone for a light to medium wrap so the fibres don't flare too much. Every few turns adding a bit of super glue for extra security.

CB Willie Gunn Step Step By Step

Step 5 Using a scalpel surgically cut away the waste materials as close as possible to the thread head of the fly which should also come to the edge of the metal tubing.

CB Willie Gunn Step Step By Step

Step 6 Cover the head with a thin layer of super glue and allow to dry. remove from the vice, cut away the liner tube 2-3mm from the metal tube. Then melt down with a lighter, flatten with a flat surface for a super neat head.

CB Willie Gunn Step Step By StepCB Willie Gunn Step Step By StepCB Willie Gunn Step Step By Step

Step 7 Either with super glue or clear varnish finish the fly and allow to dry.

CB Willie Gunn Step Step By StepCB Willie Gunn Step Step By Step