January 21, 2021 2 min read

A classic colour combo for clear and green/blue tinged water, we love tying a black & green tube fly.


- 1.8mm black plastic tube
- 10mm US tube silver
- Green easy dubbing
- Chartreuse soft hen hackle
- Chartreuse tanuki
- Pearl angel hair
- Black soft hen hackle
- Black marble fox
- Pearl angel hair
- Jungle Cocks
- Chartreuse micro hybrid cone

Step 1: Melt down the end of a 1.8mm plastic tube

Step 2: Cut the tube to length then slide a 10mm brass tube to the end up against the metal burr, then make a few wraps of your tying thread in front of the brass tube before working your way up on to the metal.

Step 3: With some chartreuse easy dubbing cover 1/3rd to 1/2 of the metal tube with tight overlapping turns.

Step 4: Brush out the dubbing in all directions then comb it backwards over the rear of the metal tube, then secure your thread in front of the dubbing on the plastic liner tube.

Step 5: Tie in a chartreuse soft hen hackle and make 2-4 tight turns as close to the body as possible.

Step 6: Tie in some chartreuse tanuki keeping in the guard hairs first with the tips facing forward, then fold back and secure into place with tight wraps of the thread.

Step 7: With 3-4 strands of pearl angel hair tie down in the middle then double them back and tie them down again. trim to alternating lengths not longer than the hair wing.

Step 8: Tie in a slightly large black soft hen hackle making 2-3 tight turns as close possible to the wing, hide the head from the wing if neccessary.

Step 9: Tie in some long black marble fox tail with the tips facing forward, the fold them back and tie down again, the overall wing length should be around 3-4x the length of the body, this will enable the free swinging hook to sit in the front to centre of the fly.

Step 10: Split the wing in half and make single wrap of the thread to hold in place.

Step 11: next add a single strand of pearl angel hair, tying in the middle first then doubling back and tying down again, then finally fold back the split hair wing and tie down nice and secure.

Step 12: Add jungle cock cheeks, I like them to be as long or just past the body.

Step 13: Add a drop of super glue to the tube with your cone ready to push over the head of the fly.

Step 14: Push the cone over the glue and head to secure into place, you may need to hold it for a few seconds to make sure it binds.

Step 15: Cut the plastic tubing 3-4mm from the cone and melt down with your lighter, it can help to press the melted tube on to a hard surface whilst still hot for extra security.


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