March 05, 2021 1 min read

The Banana fly is a hot favourite amongst so many Salmon anglers around the world, this time we are tying a Banana Zonker tube fly with a North American Opossum pelt cut zonker tied on a tungsten bead, simple tie but very effective.


Materials from Future Fly available here: -


00:15 FF 1.8mm Plastic Tube - Black
00:31 5mm Tungsten Bead - Golden Orange
00:40 GSP 12/0 - 50D Tying Thread- White
00:50 N.American Opossum Pelt - Dirty Yellow
01:16 FF Classic Tinsel Flash - Gold
01:40 FF American Saddle - Sunburst/Yellow
02:42 Shadow Fox Pelt - Golden Yellow
03:14 Artificial Jungle Cock - Medium
04:59 4mm Hybrid Cone Brass - Copper


FF Tube Vise FF
Tube Vise Needle Small
FF Standard Bobbin
FF Lightweight Scissors
FF Multi Needle
FF Hakcle Tool

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