Tying a Alexandra - Tube Fly

Tying a Alexandra - Tube Fly

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A real classic Sea Trout pattern the Alexandra, we have decided to try the pattern as a long wing tapered tube fly, with all the classic colours you'd expect from the original hooked pattern.

Watch the full length tying video here


Get the tying kit here - COMING SOON!


Materials and tools by Future Fly available at speybros.com here



  • 1.8mm plastic tube - black

  • 00:16 3.0mm plastic tube - black

  • 00:23 200++ tying thread - black

  • 00:35 Mach II flatbraid - fl. light red

  • 01:07 Mach II flatbraid - silver

  • 01:48 N.American opossum - red

  • 02:54 N.American opossum - black https://speybros.com/products/american-opossum?variant=39247597764697

  • 04:25 Classic tinsel - gold

  • 05:08 Natural peacock herls

  • FF Tube fly vise

  • FF Tube fly vise needle - medium

  • FF Standard bobbin

  • FF Lightweight scissors

  • FF multi needle


Step by step

Step 1 melt a small burred edge at the end of the liner tube and slide inside the 3mm outer tube which will be the junction tube for the hook, at to the vice then wrap the thread close to the junction tube to start.

Alexandra Tube Fly Step By StepAlexandra Tube Fly Step By Step

Step 2 tie in some fl. light red mach II flatbraid and make several wraps to create a hot butt section. Then repeat the process with some silver mach II flatbraid wrapping the full length of the body.

Alexandra Tube Fly Step By StepAlexandra Tube Fly Step By Step

Step 3 Tie in some red opossum underneath just short of the tubing, then tie in some black opossum on top about twice the length of the tubing, then tie in some gold flash.

Alexandra Tube Fly Step By StepAlexandra Tube Fly Step By StepAlexandra Tube Fly Step By Step

Step 4 take 6-8 herls from one side of the eye on a peacock herl and tie in on one side of the fly, then repeat the process by taking herls from the opposite side of the eye and tying on the other side of the fly.

Alexandra Tube Fly Step By Step

Step 5 trim away all the waste materials and neaten up the head with your tying thread adding super glue ever few wraps for extra security, then slice through the dried head with a scalpel for a nice clean small head. Finish off with some super glue or varnish left untouched to dry hard and shiney.

Alexandra Tube Fly Step By Step