September 19, 2019 2 min read

So how did it go in Secret river 2.0? Don't really know how to respond to that. Or if I even want to answer it. How the hell do you write about something that you want to keep secret? A fishing spot you want just for yourself, now that my usual favorite waters is floating past me and out of my life. The answer is simple. You don't. Now it is also true that I do not know if Secret river 2.0 will live up to being one of my "new" favorite water. But at least it looks promising.

atlantic salmon spey brothers

But ok then. After all, I have taken on the role of "storyteller". It went well. I lived up to my mantra. You know the one about "one fish a day", and then some. Despite low waters and all the usual problems in fishing, it only took me a few cast for my first salmon to be hooked. The fact that I fished with fishings own "Professor Xavier" did not make matters worse. I first thought of calling him "Professor Xavier", a name that suits him well just for his qualities of getting in “contact” with fish. The man is very skilled at getting the fish to bite. But it may become "Professor Calculus" instead, for his ability to calculate.

icross in action

It was not entirely certain that the trip was happening, due to low waters. The hope was lit when the chances of possible rainfall in the area were on the way. We decided we would wait until the rain came and then take off. Which was a real chance on my part, did not know if I would get out of work. I can only say that I have really good and understanding bosses.
-Make sure to get one so you are happy and satisfied when you are back. One of them said.
-Satisfied! I thought.

salmon fishing
The rain arrived. A little, but still rain. We took off "Professor Calculus" and me. The plan was to catch fish and find a new place to fish in the future. "The Professor" had planned everything into the smallest detail. I had decided to just flow with it. It would prove to be anything but easy. As "Professor Spetsnaz" might have suited him better. My "Spetsnaz" time is long overdue. I was sweaty from when we got there until we went home. I can only say that uphills are no longer my thing. We got fish and found new places. It was magical to slide downstream on the Icross and pick points to fish. Although fishing was tough, we managed to get fish, much to the aid of "Professor Calculus’" creation, the Icross. It is fun to fish with someone who is a real "fishfinder", like the "Professor". This is what it looked like. He got one, he got another one, another and then I got one. I got to see fish in regular intervals and I got them in the camera.

sea trout spey brothers

I think the "Professor" and I will fish more together.

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