Social distancing

Social distancing

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Our two ambassadeurs Patrik & Martin wrote down their respective thoughts about social distancing and what you can do with the situation. 

Patrik Bjurenstål

In this day and age, a new expression has come up, it's called social distancing, and we all know why it is here, and what it means. When I first heard it it was a little bit of eureka moment for me. THAT is the expression I’ve been looking for, a new favorite together with ”solitude”, which I always have liked.
And just to be clear, we’re talking about fishing here.

First and foremost, to be able to appreciate my fishing I need my solitude. Many times it’s just not all about catching fish to me, there is so much more. And there are so many situations where this can be applied.
I’m not at all in to waiting in line for hours just to get a chance at a fish, and I think a lot of people should reconsider their thoughts on this, maybe even you who reads this.

In my fishing I always strive to find water that hasn’t been fished for some time, whenever this is possible of course. There is no more exciting thing than be the first person who fish a certain stretch of water for the first time in, best cases, days, no matter if it's a stretch of coastline chasing salty sea trout or a pool in a salmon river. THAT right there is fishing to me. To be able to take in the nature and animals around you, without anybody else disturbing you.
And right now is a perfect time for you to try it yourself for once. I’ll promise you, you’ll appreciate it more than you think!

Part two of my thought of thinking ”social distancing” when it comes to fishing is as follows. If you go those ”extra miles” to find solitude, you will most likely find some ”unfished” water, and that basically means that you’ll find fish that hasn't been disturbed for quite some time. And you know what that means? You guessed right; a lot bigger chance of getting that lovely tug in your gear that so many of us are chasing and dreaming about, as long as you are doing everything else right that is...
And by all means, sometimes that’s not enough either, but at least you give yourself the best chances you can.

Martin Johansson:

I am often delighted to have an interest that at times completely captures my attention and focus, and I have many times reflected that fly fishing is more or less part of my personality.

Life has its ups and downs, and in a difficult period a genuine interest, like fly fishing, is a help. Ask me, I know. Call it a reality escape if you want to, maybe it is, but at least a very rewarding escape from reality. There are far more destructive ways of practicing escape from reality.

It's obviously always a balancing act, how much should I allow myself to fill up my brain with fly fishing? When will it affect my life so much that family and friends will be affected? Can something else that needs to be done, for example maintenance of our houses be left behind?

I think you are a lot of fly fishermen thinking about these issues. Of course, it goes on in different periods of life, when it has more or less significance.

During the toddler period it is of great importance, while it is of less importance during other periods of life. Living alone or with someone can also be crucial.

During the time that the Corona virus has affected our everyday lives, I have had reason to be more at home. I would otherwise like to enjoy such as concerts and sport events are now absent. No sports on the web or TV either, which would otherwise take up some of my time. For example, I don't want to miss a match with Manchester United.

But thanks to my interest in everything that belongs to fly fishing, I have been able to keep myself busy, doing things that earlier have not been done. I have had time to not only tie the "necessary" flies, but also tied new patterns with for me new materials.

I have organized fly tying material, sorted out things I never use and prepared tube hooks for the upcoming season. It has also been time to read magazines and books, and to revel in fly fishing movies on Youtube.

But what I am most satisfied with is that I have managed to sort out the ”line mess”.I have organized the lines in line wallets, and marked them for each rod. The lines that I no longer use, I have sold on the web. In addition, I have made a list in an excel document where I finally get a clear overview of which line I use for each rod!

So grab what never gets done if you have more time. It will be even more fun to meet a new season when it finally starts again with order and find out in the line bag!