November 12, 2019 2 min read

The results for Best Salmon Flies for 2019 are now calculated and analysed. We will announce the top three patterns with comments and display some of the custom patterns that we're entered in the vote. 

We received almost five hundred votes in total in the short voting period. Thank you everyone who voted. The flies in salmon fishing are something we're all always extremely interested in. And we like to hear what other anglers are using. 

This vote is not a scientific analysis but the number of votes tells us something about the most popular flies today. Top three patterns counted for almost 40% of total votes. It's worth mentioning that custom entries counted for 26% for total entries. So every fourth angler's best salmon fly patterns was something out from our short list. 

Top three patterns counted for almost 40% of total votes.

The Best Salmon Flies for 2019 are:


1. Sunray Shadow

No surprises here, Sunray Shadow was voted to be the best salmon fly for 2019. SS received more than 17% of the total votes. 

Best catches with Sunray Shadow were dozens of salmon just this season. In the comments section many of the entries explained that they have a special version of SS that they use. They could have special colors and it's a specific size. 

Sunray Shadow seems to be the workhorse and obvious choice for most anglers. 


sunray shadow best salmon flies

2. Red Frances

First runner up was Red Frances. Sticking with the classics, Red Frances has secured it’s place in the best salmon flies. Red Frances received exactly 12 % of all votes.

Comments regarding Red Frances were mostly about how the fly works in all conditions and many anglers save it as the last resort. We can relate to those comments.

Red Frances is a deadly weapon.

red frances best salmon flies

3. Cascade

Cascade ended up on the third place in this vote. We love the fly, but it was interesting to see it do so well in the vote as well. Cascade received total of 9% of the total votes.

Cascade was commented to be a universal pattern, working from early season to the backend of the season. 

cascade best salmon flies

4th - 6th place

Banana fly, Den Vanliga and Green Highlander got their fare share of votes and ended up in top six. Especially Banana and Den Vanliga are most known to be Baltic Salmon favorites.

To name a few others; Kursk, Snaelda, Bomber and Hitch flies had their loyal users, but did not make in to top six. 

banana fly best salmon flies


Custom entries from the vote 

Custom entries counted for 26% of the total votes. There wasn't a single fly that standed out from the custom entries, but here's a few interesting patterns from the entries. 


tiger prawns best salmon flies


condesa best salmon flies


red templedog best salmon flies

best salmon flies

best salmon flies


best salmon flies


sala salakka best salmon flies


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