January 01, 2017 2 min read

Iceland is a true paradise for salmon anglers. Hundreds of rivers with good number of fish and beautiful scenery. What to expect and how to prepare when going to Iceland?

View from the Nordura lodge in Iceland

Majority of the rivers in Iceland are small of medium size at most. The glacier waters tend to stay cold through whole season, but even with melt waters the water cooler stays clear or slightly colored in most rivers. Depending where you fish, you should be ready to pack your single hand rods and maybe light double handers with you. Single hand rods are versatile when using large variety of techniques such as hitching or “salmon nymphing”. Sometimes you need to go deep and cast furthers and double handers make it easy.

Gear rack. You don't have to walk. A four-wheel-drive takes you right to the river bank.

Hooked up with a nice salmon

Size of the salmon depends of the rivers. Grilse account for the majority of catches, but multi-sea-winter salmon is a common catch as well. Especially large specimens are uncommon in salmon fishing standards. A 10 kg (22lbs) salmon is a great accomplishment anywhere in Iceland. But the quantity of the fish and the quality of fishing makes you forget the record chasing.

Nice salmon caught with a Sunday Shadow below the waterfalls.

There are certain patterns and techniques developed and used in Iceland:

-hitch flies : really fun way to fish, you’ll se takes and follows

-micro wet flies : thanks to extremely clear waters really small wet flies down to sizes 16-18 are used in salmon fishing, and they produce lot of fish

-heavy s**t : Frances and Snaealda patterns: guides hate them, but they produce fish, especially in difficult conditions

The arsenal.

Fishing in Iceland isn’t cheap but it’s an experience you will never forget. If you want to save a few bucks, you might want to target off-season self-service packages.

Fight is almost over.


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