Contributor interview – Miki Äikäs

Contributor interview – Miki Äikäs

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We made difficult set of quick pick questions for everyone contributing for the book. Miki Äikäs is a full hearted salmon fly fisher and he targets big fish. Here is Mr. Äikäs with his answers. You can read more about his philosophy on salmon fishing and see his top flies in the book. Enjoy!

Quality or quantity?

Quality. Problem is that it excludes too many rivers from the list if you want to target big fish, really big.

Floating or sinking?

If I have to choose, then floating. Floating with an intermediate tip 🙂

Single or double hand?


Hook or Tube?

Tube. The patterns I fish with, just don’t work in hooks. Hook flies dredge too much. Light tube flies fish longer, all the way to the end of the cast.

Hit hard or wait and let it turn?

Hit hard. I don’t think anyone can actually feel the salmon turn. Hit him immediately after the strike. It’s like a reflex.Miki with a nice late season salmon