March 01, 2017 1 min read

Last but not least, our last contributor Anders Neteland from Norway answers our quick pick questions. The e-book will be out in a week, looking forward to get it out there.

Quality or quantity?

Both. If I have to choose I will say quality.

Floating or sinking?

Sinking. Floating more fun but sinking more effective.

Singlehand or doublehand?

Doublehand. Single-handers are more fun but double-handers are more effective.

Tube or hook?


Turn and wait or strip strike and hit hard?

Turn and wait. When fishing with a sinking line you feel something, it means that the fish is already hooked. You can choose how to set the hook. I always give line. I can wait for half an hour for the fish to pull some line. I occasionally strip set if I feel it’s needed.

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I have experienced this twice now in Norway, and this situation is most common on rivers with a lake above their system that has a big enough catchment to collect localized rainfall, and or rivers that are fed via glacial melt water.

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