About the book ”Top Salmon Flies – stories and fly patterns from great anglers”

About the book ”Top Salmon Flies – stories and fly patterns from great anglers”

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About the book ”Top Salmon Flies – stories and fly patterns from great anglers”


I love to fish Atlantic salmon. It’s THE moment of the season when I pack my station wagon completely full of rods, reels, waders, tent, sleeping bag and s**tloads of tangled lines and messy fly boxes. The drive is more or less 14 hours. Passing the Artic circle is the first sign that you’re getting closer.

Some have asked that how I got the idea for the book. I really don’t remember myself either. What I do remember is that getting two baby boys into the family at the same time causes insomnia and instead of being on the river, you’re mostly changing shitty diapers. After the first panic attack caused by the realization of me being unable to fish passed by, I started to sketch all sorts of ideas in my notepad. I figured I could write something. Somehow salmon fishing came to my mind. Probably because it’s the category of fly fishing where believes overrule logic.

I’ve caught a few salmon. Some were small, some big. But writing a book about my personal experiences about probably the most complex category in fly fishing, would be like writing a motorcycle driving guide after your first test drive. So I decided to gather a group of 8 experienced salmon anglers who all share the passion for salmon fishing. They all have a different approach to salmon fishing compared to each other.

The book required quite a few e-mails, phone calls and chat sessions with the contributors. I laid out the basic questionnaire for everyone, but usually the conversation drifted to certain specific areas of salmon fishing. Some of the interviews were more detailed, some shorter and simplified. I wanted to present them the same way in the book to make sure that the contributing angler’s actual voice and thoughts would be heard.

I don’t think that any single method or fly in the book is the ultimate solution in salmon fishing. I do believe that all the methods and fly patterns in the book form a “complete angler” model. For me, a “complete angler” means someone who based on experience and never-ending quest to learn new tricks, develops his or her salmon angling skills. There’s no right or wrong, there’s just ways that work and ways that don’t.

I do hope that you enjoy the book. Read it carefully; there is also information between the lines and it’s your job to connect the dots. And most importantly, doubt and contest everything you read.

Huge thank you to everyone contributing to this book; Antti Guttorm, Miki Äikäs, Steffen Juhl, Siggi Haugur, Peter Ohlsson, Tommi Liimatainen, Antti Pirinen and Anders Neteland.



Teemu Tolonen

Author of “Top Salmon Flies – stories and fly patterns from great anglers”