February 01, 2020 1 min read

2019 was a great year for Spey Brothers. Our operations expanded in all aspects. We have positioned ourselves in the heart of salmon fly anglers all over world.

Customers from over 35 countries
Almost 10.000 followers in total in Instagram & Facebook
16 ambassadeurs
Huge thanks to everyone who have supported us during our first years of operations. 
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Customer feedback is super important for us. We have received over 200 customer reviews with the average rating of 4,6/5 stars. There's always small room for improvement. 



Best Salmon Flies for 2019

best salmon flies


Top Salmon Flies Volume 2

Home Run Hoodie

Waterproof Daypack 30-L

Spey Brothers Tying Pad

What's new for 2020 ?

We would love to hear which species you would love to see next. Please spend 30 seconds of your valuable time with the survey below and let us know what species you would like to see next. 

We will keep working with lot of new products and improve our service in all levels. 

The following categories are already happening:

​-new eco shipping packages

-larger selection of flies for Atlantic Salmon fishing

-new sustainable apparel

-new gear & accessories




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How to fish and tie the Red Francis

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Red Francis (or Frances) is one of those love & hate flies. Every salmon angler usually has a opinion about it. We think that you should carry a few always in your box. Read our tips for fishing with Red Francis and have a look on the step-by-step tying tutorial. 

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Behind the scenes of Top Salmon Flies
Behind the scenes of Top Salmon Flies

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"I knew that I didn’t have enough experience, nor I think I’ll ever have, to write about salmon fishing based solely on my personal opinions. So it made the perfect sense to have contributors that I had met while fishing for salmon to showcase their flies and methods. I started working with the ”hypothesis” that there’s just a handful of flies that any angler needs. "
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Results - Best Salmon Flies for 2019
Results - Best Salmon Flies for 2019

November 12, 2019 2 min read

The results for Best Salmon Flies for 2019 are now calculated and analysed. We will announce the top three patterns with comments and display some of the custom patterns that we're entered in the vote. 
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