Broken rivers

Free flowing rivers are becoming increasingly rare. Centuries of human activity have altered channels leaving us now with the huge challenge that is reconnecting vital pathways for our migratory fish. New research published recently has shown that there is on average one barrier per mile in Europe’s rivers, choking off life in these critical arteries.

Tying a Thunder & Lightning Dark Tube Fly
We are tying a thunder & lightning dark - no body tube fly variant of the classic Thunder & Lightning. This fly would be perfect with yellow or orange junction tube on your leader knot and hook for a free...
Ultimate Guide For Fly Fishing Baltic Salmon
Baltic salmon fishing can be considered as a hard-core genre of salmon fishing. Huge rivers with heavy currents, heavy duty tools and big locomotive-like salmons support this claim. If you are up to some new challenges in your fishing game this just could be it. 
Tying a Lava Tail Shrimp Tube Fly
Material kit for Tying a Lava Tail Shrimp from Irish salmon fisher and fly tyer Denis O'Toole makes effective use of the hot orange hot yellow dip dye Opossum from Future Fly. This is a well loved pattern for Irish rivers that typically run a little dirty.
Tying a Gunnray Shadow (Sunray + Willie Gunn)
Is it a Raygunn or is it a Gunnray Shadow? What ever it is, it's a Sunray Shadow Willie Gunn love child and it's got a place in our box. Arguably 2 of the top Atlantic and Baltic Salmon patterns...
Tying a Banana Zonker tube fly
The Banana fly is a hot favourite amongst so many Salmon anglers around the world, this time we decided to try it with a North American Opossum pelt cut zonker tied on a tungsten bead, simple tie but very effective.
Tying a Silver Wilkinson tube fly hair wing
A much loved classic salmon fly we are tying a Silver Wilkinson tube fly - hair wing version using a mixture of opossum pelt, marble fox tail and shadow fox pelt to shape a lovely light contrasting wing profile. Fly...
Tying a Black Ally Shrimp Tube
One of our favourite less usual variant of an ally shrimp, this pattern combines Alastair Gowans much loved creation with a Salmon classic the red butt. This article is part two of our two part step by step for this tying...
Tying a Black Ally Shrimp treble
One of our favourite less usual variant of an ally shrimp, this pattern combines Alastair Gowans much loved creation with a Salmon classic the red butt. This article is part one of our two part step by step for this tying a...
Tying a Den Vanliga Deluxe tube fly
We are tying a Den Vanliga Deluxe tube fly, aka The Usual, this is our super bright over the top version of The Usual tied big and with plenty of chartreuse fluorescent additions perfect for those early spring days especially...
How to tie the Plug Frances 2 ways
We show you how to tie the Plug Frances 2 ways using metal weights, boar bristles, rubber legs and recycled guitar strings, get down and dirty quickly.
Tying a Tummel Dog Tube Fly
We show you how to tie a Tummel Dog Tube Fly the perfect spring, high water with a little colour springer hunter! 
Tying a Black & Green tube fly
A classic colour combo for clear and green/blue tinged water. 
Tying the Ghosty Gunn tube fly
A silvery contrast variant on the classic Willie Gunn colours, swap out the black and gold for silver and grey and you've got the Ghosty Gunn. 
Tying sea trout pattern "Mulkkis"
Sea trout just love pink flies. "Mulkkis" is a well know fly that works well in any water with sea trout. With fluorescent colors this fly really glows even in low light conditions.
There's always a next cast
The psychology of salmon fishing is interesting. A sport where you can master only some parts, and never the environment or your opponent, requires a lot from the angler. Never having exact answers is mentally exhausting for many. Others might enjoy it and just keep grinding without too much thinking.
Results from the photography contest
Our photography contest organised together with Treeline and co-sponsored by Yeti has ended. It's always great to see the activity from our followers and we received hundreds of great photographs. It was a tough call to choose the winners but we managed.
Master Class Tying E2 - Flood Bum tube fly

In the second episode of Master Class Tying Jussi Jurvelin ties a high water special, tube fly called Flood Bum. Watch the full episode for detailed tying instructions. 

Season 2019 recap video

Clear waters, northern wind, mosquitos, campside coffee and great moments with great friends. Here's a short recap of 2019 salmon season from our friends at Kalaukkofly. Enjoy.

Social distancing
But thanks to my interest in everything that belongs to fly fishing, I have been able to keep myself busy, doing things that earlier have not been done. I have had time to not only tie the "necessary" flies, but also tied new patterns with for me new materials.
Master Class Tying - Strömsö tube fly
In the first episode of Master Class Tying, we have Miki Äikäs tying a great tube fly for Atlantic salmon, the Strömsö. Watch the full length video for detailed information how to tie this awesome fly.